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Mar 4, 2022

Virtual Pre-primary Level 1 Training

"The training was very fruitful, especially this virtual training has been effective for participants like us as we are not able to attain the training physically in the ECEC building. I have been teaching in primary section for some years and this ECD training has help me to understand the teaching practices in Pre-Primary level which will help me to implement these learning in my school."
- Bhumika Poudel
"I am very happy and thankful to ECEC for giving this opportunity to take part and learn in this training. This has helped me a lot to know various aspect of pre-primary teaching. The trainers have delivered the content nicely and smoothly. It was easy for us to understand and I think it will be very useful in our professional growth."
- Samina Thapa
Successful completion of Virtual Pre-primary Level 1 Training on February 17, 2022.