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English Phonics


Description (English Phonics)

Teaching language by “A for Apple, B for Bear” is quite confusing for young learners. The sound of the first letter of Apple, is different from the ‘A’, the name of the letter. A better way of developing the children’s language skills is to start with phonics, to make the children aware of the sound of the letters and practice recognizing matching sounds. The lessons are workshop style, very practical and interactive: learning rhymes and making games/worksheets to use when teaching phonics.

Target group
(Pre) school teachers
English language

ECEC letter of attendance (90% attendance is required)

Nrs.6,300/- (Inclusive of 13% VAT)

Qualification needed
The participant needs to have a basic understanding of child friendly, play way method of learning/teaching approach in preschool.


18 hours divided over 2 sets of 4 days ( 3:45– 6:00 pm) in successive weeks
part 1: first week: single sounds
part 2: second week: blended sounds/doubles sounds


Note: The course has been running virtually.

Duration: 8 days/2:15 min/day