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Primary Step 1


This course is continuation of primary level 1. The children of primary grades enjoy their learning and development when they are actively involved. Seeing all these challenges ECEC has developed Primary Teacher Training Course on how to apply Active Learning Methodologies in Primary Grades.

Teachers get competences in these five areas:
Understanding children, their development process and their age wise characteristics. – Learning Teaching Assessing : Objectives of primary curriculum and Active learning, problem and project based learning in small group setting. – Creating and Stimulating child friendly learning environment. – Developing personal and professional competences of teachers. – Working in partnership with parents and communities.

Practical experience
5 days of practical assignments in primary grades.
Nepali/English language
Qualification needed
ECEC (an attendance of 90% is required)
Target group
Primary school teachers and anybody who wants to learn how to teach young children.

160 hours (including 30 hours of level 1 )

during 1 month (day course 9:00 am to 3:30 pm) 5 days a week
during 5 weeks in the morning (6:30 – 8:30 am) 5 days a week
during 5 weeks in the evening (4:00 – 6:00 pm) 5 days a week 


NRs.31,400/- (Inclusive of 13% VAT)

If trainees who have finished the primary level 1 course, can continue in the primary step 1 course, do not have to repeat the first week of step 1, but can start at level 2.
Only if the continuation is within 3 months after finishing level 1.
If the gap is longer than 3 months they have to start at level 1 again.

Note: The course has been running in blended mode. Duration: 12 days(Virtual)/2 hours/day & 12 days (Face-to-Face) - 6 hours/day