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ICDP Facilitators


Why ICDP facilitator Training?

If you are looking for an Early Intervention Training Parenting program to improve the quality interaction between Children and Caregivers (Teachers, grandparents, parents, counselors, nurses, mental health experts etc.)

ICDP promotes good quality of caregiver and child interaction:-

o   In families as well as in kindergartens, contributing to better physical as well as psychosocial health and general development.

o   ICDP is significant for child care, children’s development and the development of democratic attitudes in children’s upbringing.

o   ICDP promotes good quality of caregiver.

o   Promotes the quality of teacher – child relationship, and thereby enhances the opportunity for learning as well as psychosocial development in school

o    Promotes an optimal psychosocial and development in children with special needs at home, in kindergarten and school

o    Promotes the quality of children’s care and life situation in accordance with the UN’s Convention on Children’s Rights

o    Promotes the development of positive human relationships as well as democratic social values - child interaction.

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