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What Is ICDP

ICDP is an International Children Development Programme with the objective to improve the relationship between caregivers and the children in their charge.

ICDP programme has been developed in Norway in the 1980’s. Now, it has been used in more than 55 countries around the world. Its impact is of positive proven evidence on the relationship between caregivers and the children in their care and it is promoted by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide.


The main logo of ICDP is

“Standing in your Children’s shoes”

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ICDP Nepal

ECEC (Early Childhood Education Centre) has been selected for introducing the ICDP programme in Nepal: ECEC is ICDP Nepal office.

At In the period of 2014- 2016, ICDP international trainers have conducted 2 facilitators training and trained 39 Nepali facilitators. In the process of the course 235 caregivers and 470 children were reached by the Nepali facilitators. As seen in every country, the result in Nepal are very encouraging: many parents witness improved understanding of their children and because of that there are less problem at home.

 In 2016 – 2017 among 39 certified Nepali facilitators, 14 were selected to take part in the ICDP Training of Trainers (ToT) by ICDP international trainers.
All of them graduated on 31st May 2017 as well as 86 facilitators & 516 caregivers were certified.


May 2017 Status of ICDP Nepal total

Total ICDP trainers   14

Total ICDP facilitators       16 + 23 + 86 = 125

Total caregivers trained 105 + 130 + 516 = 751

Total children reached 210 + 260 + 1032 = 1502

With Nepali trainers available

Facilitators can be trained from all over the country

Caregivers groups can be conducted all over the country