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Introduction to ECD


This course is an introduction to Early Childhood Education in a way that is appropriate to the development of young children.The trainees start to understand the concept of learning by doing/learning by playing rather than rote learning from books. After the course the trainees understand that teaching young children is not only focusing on the children’s cognitive development (academic skills) but that overall/holistic development is important. Social, Emotional and Physical skills are important too.This course is helpful for Principals and coordinators as well, to be able to understand that the developmentally appropriate way of teaching needs changes in the school environment too. This course consists of 30 hours (Theory and Practical). This is the first level of full Step 1 Course.

Practical Experience
The trainees get an opportunity to prcatice how learning by playing/doing works in early years.
Target Group
(Pre) school teachers.
Anybody who wants to learn how to teach young children.
Principals and Coordinators of pre-schools.
5 days from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Nepali/English language
Qualification Needed
Letter of Attendance (an attendance of 90% is required for this)

Nrs. 8,500/- (Inclusive of 13% VAT)

Note: In this pandemic, the course has been running in blended mode.  Duration: 9 days(Virtual)/2 hours/day & 2 days (Face-to-Face) - 6 hours/day